Is low cost home ownership just for first time buyers?

Not necessarily. First time buyers are at the heart of the scheme, but you can buy if you have owned a property before in certain circumstances. It is not for people who want to buy a second property and rent it out.

What is Shared Ownership?

Also known as part buy/part rent, it works by allowing you to buy a share of your home and pay a subsidised rent on the remainder, which will be owned by a housing association.

Does it work out expensive when all the cost are taken into consideration?

You will pay a mortgage on the share you buy and rent on the rest. This will cost you less than if you had bought outright, and in most instances less than renting privately. You will only need to raise a deposit on the share you buy, so the initial amount you put down will also be considerably less.

What is a Help to Buy agent and why do I need to apply to them?

Help to Buy agents are appointed by Homes England. Help to Buy agents administer headline eligibility for our Shared Ownership developments.

Help to Buy Agent 2 is the  Help to Buy agent for the Midlands and London

Before you can buy a shared ownership property you will need to register with Help to Buy Agent 2; which involves completing an application form.

For more information on how to do this please visit

Can I do the Shared Ownership scheme on any property?

No, it is only available on those properties earmarked for the scheme.